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About Us

Advocating Change

The Save the Koala Foundation helps raise funds through various activities, programs, and initiatives. We would love for you to get involved and depend on your support in order to improve the lives of Koalas and their habitats for generations to come.


Who We Are and What We Do

Conserve, Protect and Rehabilitate.

The Save the Koala Foundation (STK) was founded in 1989 and is dedicated towards the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of koalas and their habitat.

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Mission & Values

Our Key Mission and Values include:

  1. Conserve, Protect and Restore Koala habitats

  2. Improve awareness about Koalas including community understanding, giving, caring, and involvement.

  3. Provide Emergency Relief to Koalas affected by accidents, disease, and natural disasters. 



Financial & Social Responsibility

We are committed to account for our actions, activities, provide information, listen, empower stakeholders to actively participate, accept responsibility for our decisions, disclose our results in a transparent manner, and uphold the highest ethical behaviour. We also hold responsibility for money or other entrusted properties to be used in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.


Our Work

Lending a Helping Hand

The Save the Koala Foundation (STK) is working on several key projects to help Protect, Conserve and Rehabilitate Koala habitats. These include the Koala Hospital, Rehabilitation Centres, Training and Development Program, Research and Disease Prevention and Koala Tracking Program.


Foundation Causes

Save the Koala Foundation (STK) supports the following causes:

Koala Hospital

The Save the Koala Foundation (STK) supports a number of regional Koala Hospitals. These facilities carry out emergency on-site procedures and operations on injured and sick Koalas.

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Rehabilitation Centres

Another main cause is to support regional rehabilitation centres that care for orphaned juvenile koalas, diseased koalas and koalas recovering from trauma, (including those that have been hit by a vehicle, attacked by dogs or impacted by bushfires). 


Koala Tracking Program

Since settlement, the Koala population in Australia has been declining rapidly. The Koala Tracking Program uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to track Koala movements and to protect koala habitats.

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Training & Development Program

Save the Koala Foundation (STK) support a number of Koala Training and Development Programs to help build community awareness about Koalas and their habitats.  We have partnered with a number of schools and universities to provide educational resources.


Research & Disease Prevention

Save the Koala Foundation (STK) funds a number of research and disease prevention programs across Australia. These programs are aimed at protecting and improving the lives of Koalas and their habitats.